What We're About...

...learning what it means to be followers of Jesus

We believe in one, all-powerful, all-knowing being called God who created this crazy-perfect world with snowflakes and volcanoes and pink flamingos and us. But that crazy-perfection? It was wrecked. And we - whether we know it or not - are a part of that wreckage. A part of some mess that wasn't the original plan. A part of sometimes completely missing the boat on how God designed us to live this great big gift of life. So we're looking to His son, Jesus, to show us how it should be done.

How We Go About It...

...we get together

Each week we meet to hang out, study the Word, and just share our lives with one another. Sometimes we eat really delicious food or hit each other with dodgeballs.  And sometimes we talk about some pretty tough stuff. But, always, we're just trying to understand what it means to do life together as the body of Christ, leaning into His Spirit, and steppin' out with our super sweet God in charge.

...we go on adventures

From the beach to our own backyards - you'll find us out and about in all sorts of places throughout the year. Why? BECAUSE! God didn't say "here's the world, now stay put." He said "GO!" And we do. We serve and explore and rock out and have fun and get dirty and ride roller coasters and, well, we'd just LOVE for you to join us!

...we try to glow

That's right. Glow. 'Round here, we believe we're supposed to be light in dark places. So we partner with families and friends and folks we think have God shining through them. And, together, we aim to be super bright reflections of our Lord in all the places we go and to all the people we meet.

When All The Happenings Happen...

Sunday Evenings

 Youth Group 4:00-6:00pm (September - May)
Jam-packed with big group lessons, small group learnings, scrumptious dinners, and tons of fun - this time each week is definitely one students won't want to miss!

Want To Hear More About Us?

About twice a month, we send a little email to families to help keep everyone up-to-date about all that's happening for students.  
If you'd like to receive our email, just take a little trip HERE and let us know your email address.

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