Our mission

Our mission, like the mission of the United Methodist Church,  is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Here at FUMC-Rocky Mount we believe that making disciples of Jesus Christ is about inviting and equipping people in Rocky Mount to know Christ and to make Christ known.  We believe these are two vitally important characteristics of a disciple. 

Disciples know Jesus Christ, not just as a concept, but within a relationship of love and obedience in which we seek to become more like the one we follow. 

Disciples also make Christ known through their words, acts and their very way of life.  They seek to proclaim the good news of God’s love and embody it in their day-to-day lives,  thus being a part of God’s transforming work in the world. 

Disciples who know Christ and make Christ known live lives characterized by three important dimensions: 

       Up  (relationship with God)

       In  (relationship with other disciples)

       Out  (relationship with those who are outside the church.) 

This is why we work to fulfill our mission in three primary ways:

  • UP  (The Worship of God)

    •  Corporate Sunday Worship (8:30, 9, 11 a.m.)

    •   Prayer and devotional life

    •  Retreat experiences

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  • IN  (Spiritual Growth)

    •  Bible Studies

    •  Sunday School

    •  Kairos Groups

    •  Congregational Care

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  • OUT  (Mission and Witness)

    •  Local mission and service

    •  International mission and service

    •  Daily witnessing in our everyday spheres of influence

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