Sunday worship

At First Church, we have three worship services on Sunday mornings: 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. While each service is different, we believe that in every worship opportunity, God is to be glorified and encountered in a deep and profound way.  

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Our 9am service is broadcasted LIVE each Sunday morning via Facebook Live. Click here for to listen.

8:30 Service

The 8:30 Service takes place in our chapel.  The music and hymns are led using the Virginia Lea Ferebee Memorial Organ. While the style of worship is traditional, it is a very intimate and personal service with a warm and close-knit feel. Instrumental and vocal soloists provide special music for the chapel service. Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month.

9:00 Service

The 9:00 Service takes place in the fellowship hall. This worship experience includes more "contemporary" praise and worship music led by our music leader and a band. While it is more informal in nature and structure, this energetic service is still highlighted by the reading and preaching of the Word, all integrated with the songs to help people connect to Christ. Many people who do not feel as comfortable, or have experience in a traditional church setting may find this service meaningful. We participate in the sacrament of communion during this service on the first Sunday of the month. You may watch this service live through our Facebook live feed. 

11:00 Service

The 11:00 Service takes place in our sanctuary. The clergy, choir, instrumental and vocal soloists, children’s choir, and occasionally our church orchestra and adult handbells lead hymns, liturgies, anthems and other acts of worship. The hymns and service music are primarily led using our Goulding and Wood pipe organ, as well as other instruments. We consider our 11:00 service to be reverent and highly liturgical, meaning our robed choir processes with our robed clergy each week led by the crucifer. Sermons, anthems and hymns center around a scriptural theme for the week--often a sermon series. We participate in the sacrament of  communion during this service on the first Sunday of every month.