Small groups

Jesus called a group of fishermen to come and follow him.  Much like apprentices with a master, they learned and sought to imitate Jesus' words, works and way of life.  Jesus continues to call ordinary, broken people to follow him.  When we respond to that call, we enter a lifetime of learning to live like Jesus in relationship with him and other disciples.  Our spiritual growth as followers of Jesus is crucial to living out our understanding of what it means to be disciples who know Christ and makes Christ known.  Here are the ways we seek to nurture our lives in the faith:

Wednesday evenings at First UMC

Our BIG Night

is an opportunity to gather together as a church on Wednesday evenings (Mid-September thru March) for fellowship and spiritual growth. 

Here's what it looks like...

5:15-6:15 p.m.--Church-wide Dinner: Each week, an adult entrée will be $5.00 and an alternate, kid-friendly meal will be $3.00.  Sign up for the meal by noon the Monday of that week outside the welcome center.

6:30-8:00--Adult Bible Studies (Covenant Bible Study begins @ 6pm)

FALL 2018 STUDIES - Begin September 19

Covenant Bible Study – Module 2: Living Living within the covenant translates into action—into how we behave in our everyday lives.  The second module, Living the Covenant, focuses on how the community lives out the covenant in faithful love—how it is applied to actual relationships in daily life. The scripture readings included in these episodes examine the practical challenges of faithful covenant life. Participants explore leadership challenges among tribal chieftains, kings and prophets, and spiritual and political crises. They look for practical wisdom and guidance in the teachings of Israel’s sages, the letters of Paul, and more.  By demonstrating how people of vastly different cultures came together in a common purpose, the study shows how faithful love is the root of the covenant life. Rev. Lynn Benson will lead this study, beginning September 19 at 6 p.m.

FUMC Connect This is a class for anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be a Christian, what United Methodists believe and practice, and how they can become involved and use their gifts in the many exciting ministries of FUMC. Participants will become excited about joining in FUMC's mission to make disciples who know Christ and make Christ known. Rev. Jim Bell will lead this 6-week class, beginning September 19 at 6:30 p.m.

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences.  Don't go through your grief journey alone.  Melissa Bynum will lead this group on Sundays, beginning September 9, 4-6 p.m.

Unafraid and Unashamed: Facing the Future of United Methodism Nothing is needed more in the contentious dialogue surrounding human sexuality that threatens the unity of the United Methodist Church than a resource created to nurture the souls of all United Methodists. Through an unflinching look at the challenges facing United Methodism, Unafraid & Unashamed by Wil Cantrell, cultivates faith, respect for disparate opinions, appreciation for the Wesleyan means of grace and commitment to the church.  Unafraid & Unashamed has been developed to aid local pastors in effectively communicating the issues facing the denomination in a manner that strengthens the church. It is a great resource for any United Methodist seeking a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities before us. Rev. Matt Seaton will lead this class, beginning September 19 at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday School

William Whitehead Class is currently studying from the International Lesson Studies Series. The class is made of male and female Senior adults, but everyone is welcome. Bob Cameron and Doug Broad teach in rotation. The class meets at 9:45 starting with praise (in song), announcements followed by the lesson. The class meets in Room 39 until about 10:40. Contact: Nanette Barringer: 442-2352

Horizons Bible Discussion Class meets each Sunday at 10:00 am in the church parlor. The class format is an in depth study of scripture. We study one book at a time from both the Old and New Testaments. The class has periodic fellowship functions and is involved in several outreach ministries. The class is taught by Richard Laney. For more information contact Frank Katkaveck.

R.E.A.L. Life Class: Our class is composed of families of all types and ages.  Geared towards families, spiritual development of parent(s) is a key goal. We meet upstairs across from the elevator in Room 43. The class is taught by Kevin Boudreau. For more information, please contact either Kevin, Lisa Mand, or Kitty Norsworthy.

Langill Watson Class is studying from the International Lesson Series (a Bible Study) taught by Rev. Milton Mann in Room 49 beside the elevator. The class is open to anyone who wants further their knowledge of the Bible. For more information, contact either Wayne Deal or Annette Allen.

Engage Class is composed primarily of young adults, some parents, some not.  Our aim is to be engaged with the God's word and with the world.  We believe that what the Bible says should make a difference in how we live our day-to-day lives and our lessons focus on growing as disciples as we study God's word and share God's love with the world. Contact Will or Stephanie Geanes for more information. The Engage Class meets each Sunday from 10am - 11am in room 42 upstairs.

People long to be connected and are searching for authentic community. We’re wired for it as human beings. It is no surprise that one of the ways that we grow closer to God and become more deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ is by being in community with others. We need a safe space to show up with our "true selves" and be real with one another.  

Life Groups at FUMC have grown out of a desire to deepen our ability to discern God’s activity in our world and also grow closer together as we grow as disciples. Groups meet twice a month at their own schedule and pattern at someone’s home or a restaurant and focus on three primary goals each session:

  1.  Helping each other discern and process how we have experienced God or God’s Kingdom breaking through.

2.  Helping each other respond in faithful living to those moments so that we grow as disciples. 

3.  Committing to pray for one another in a very intentional manner.     

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